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In both Germany and Europe, operators of systems with water-polluting substances are legally obliged to install safety systems for their system to retain the hazardous substances. The operator himself is responsible for any environmental damage caused by his system and is fully liable. In the event of a leak, the safety system must be able to absorb the water-polluting substances so that they do not enter the groundwater or wastewater. AuRü specializes in the containment of water-polluting substances in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector and offers you technically high-quality containment systems that safeguard your systems. In close cooperation with the authorities, we are already developing our premium products with future-oriented technology that complies with future legal regulations.

Our retention systems meet the highest requirements

The AuRü-ÖP is a standardized mechanical containment system that collects leaking oil and at the same time separates rainwater in compliance with the law. The AuRü-L is our premium oil protector, which has a raised tub edge compared to the basic version and therefore offers more safety. We also offer combination models for oil and glycol retention in one. The AuRü-LW is used for mechanical oil separation and simultaneously controls the water-glycol circuit by means of pressure monitoring. In contrast to the glycol protector in the basic version, the AuRü-LW premium model has additional sensors that can measure the glycol and water content of the tank contents and is suitable for open systems with pressure equalization.

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Customer-oriented service is a matter of course for us. It is in our interest that you find the information you are looking for quickly. You are welcome to use our product advisor, which will take you directly to the right product page depending on the system you are using. Do you have questions about our collection basins or water protection? We will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation about our AuRü restraint systems. Contact us, we look forward to your inquiry!

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In addition to high-quality and innovative products, we attach great importance to providing our customers with comprehensive and competent support. This includes an installation and maintenance service. Teams are deployed throughout Europe to support you with installation and commissioning.

We offer a maintenance service to ensure the long-term reliable operation of the systems. This includes cleaning the tank system and checking for leaks as well as checking the overall construction for stability. Defective components are replaced immediately if possible. Simple and fast returns of defective products or components round off the service offering.

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