AuRü Big Foot

The Big Foot systems are a quick and economical way of laying pipes, ventilation ducts or cable routes. You can use your own mounting profiles and work cost-effectively. The base now has integrated adapters for standard 41 x 41 mm and 38 x 40 mm mounting profiles. Most installations will get by with the small (305 x 305 mm) feet. For very heavy loads, 450 x 450 mm feet or 600 x 600 mm feet can also be used.

Product advantages

  • Sets a new standard
  • Max. 72 hours design time – let us do the work
  • Good weight distribution
  • Each foot can be removed individually to access the roof cladding without having to dismantle the system
  • No more drilling necessary; the risk of leakage is significantly reduced
  • Cost effective
  • Compensation for roof slope
  • Flat packaging for easy transportation
  • Hot-dip galvanized support system
  • Gentle load distribution thanks to cushioning mats on each foot

Roof renewal

Each foot can be removed individually
become. The roof cladding can,
without having to dismantle the system,
be renewed.

Height adjustment

Each foot can be up to 100 mm
can be adjusted in height to
level out roof unevenness


The sliding clamps fix
the unit safely onto the