Glycol sensor

Legislation requires that drip and spray losses are also retained. In most cases, however, these very small quantities cannot be detected with normal pressure monitoring. Even larger leaks cannot be reliably detected by normal pressure monitoring in open systems with constant make-up, for example. As there is a constant pressure in the cold water circuit due to constant make-up, the leakage is usually detected too late with normal pressure monitoring after the system has run empty. Pressure fluctuations also often lead to false alarms. The AuRü glycol sensor was developed to detect these very small quantities. In addition, the AuRü glycol sensor is a useful option for open systems in which a constant pressure prevails even in the event of a major leak. This leakage cannot be reliably detected by normal pressure monitoring. The self-sufficient system guarantees constant monitoring. If glycol is detected here, the reported value is shown as plain text on the display of the supplied control unit and reported to the BMS via the potential-free alarm output. At the same time, the shut-off valves of the safety system are closed.

Protection with a fine nose

In the event of small leaks, the medium drips into the collection and retention system. The glycol sensor sniffs out even the smallest amounts of glycol particles directly upstream of the drain. The sensitivity of the sensor can be calibrated. As soon as a sensor detects an abnormality, the valves are closed immediately.