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Collection systems for air conditioning units for water protection

Systems used in industry or in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector often work with water-polluting substances such as oil or glycol. These substances can leak into the groundwater or wastewater and contaminate the drinking water. To prevent this, catch basins are integrated to retain oils or glycols and prevent these substances from entering the groundwater. Water protection is an integral part of environmental protection and is firmly anchored in law at both European and national level. Accordingly, systems that work with substances hazardous to water must be secured. AuRü specializes in the manufacture of such retention systems and develops, among other things, fall arrest systems for air conditioning systems.

Collection systems for air conditioning systems: glycol and oil drip trays

We supply glycol drip trays, oil drip trays and combination retention systems for oil and glycol retention. All collection basins are available in two versions – Basic and Premium. The premium models already meet future legal requirements and are characterized by a high level of equipment, such as additional sensors. Opt for our premium products and protect yourself in the long term. In addition to sumps, we also offer useful accessories, such as heating or fastening systems for your retention basin.

AuRü: We support you in choosing the right restraint system

As a competent manufacturer of high-quality retention and collection systems for water-polluting substances, we can supply you with glycol and oil drip pans in various designs. Our systems are state of the art, meet the highest quality standards and are manufactured entirely in Germany. Our premium products already meet the requirements of future legislation.

Customers who trust us:

The situation

Machines that work with water-polluting substances such as oils or glycols contaminate the groundwater and wastewater from which 70% of our drinking water is obtained in the event of a leak. These systems are mostly used in industry and in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector.

The legal situation

The European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany are pioneers in the field of environmental protection. A large part of environmental protection is water protection, which is enshrined in legislation at European and national level. These stipulate that systems that work with substances hazardous to water must be secured. Further information on this can be found in the ‘Legal regulations‘ section.

The solution

We at AuRü offer our customers state-of-the-art safety systems and see ourselves as part of the solution for developing future-oriented safety technology for systems with water-polluting contents.

Your customized collection system

Whether a split system or a large-scale project. With our advice, you will receive an offer for your customized solution within a short time.

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