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The oil and glycol protector – AuRü ÖGP – our basic product

The AuRü ÖGP is a hybrid of an oil protector and a glycol protector. This enables it to protect systems with oil and glycol. The system works with a separator system that separates the oil from the water in accordance with the law and with electronic components consisting of a pressure sensor, control box and connected valves that are responsible for glycol protection. For open systems or circuits with a pressure equalization function, an AuRü LW retention system should be used, as it also has a glycol sensor that can detect small leaks as well as monitoring the pressure. The valves are closed when de-energized so that the tray system is closed even in the event of a power failure.

AuRü ÖGP consisting of

Pressure monitoring

The AuRü ÖGP relies on a pressure sensor that is installed in the water-glycol circuit. Here it measures the pressure of the system, which in turn can be stored in the control electronics. In the event of pressure fluctuations and drops, the system reacts by closing the valves and sending an alarm to the building management system.

Oil monitoring

In addition to the electronic components of the AuRü LW, a completely redesigned oil separator is also used, which mechanically separates the oil from the rainwater in accordance with the law. Coarse dirt particles and leaves are kept away from the separator by a special leaf guard, so that its function cannot be impaired.

High-performance heating insert

The high-performance heating element (HHE) can be installed in the separator in a shock-resistant and safe manner

and is firmly screwed to the collection tray.

Switching electronics

The control electronics of the control box used in the glycol protector takes over the complete switching of the individual components and regulates the interaction of the respective electronic components. In the event of a pressure drop, the connected valves are closed and an alarm is sent to the building management system (BMS). The switching electronics rely on a potential-free alarm transmitter.

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